About me.


About Tiffanie

One thing my mom taught me while growing up was to always be conscious of how I present myself because first impressions are everything.

 I was also taught to always put your best foot forward and to pay attention to all details. I was taught to treat people how I wanted to be treated.

This one lesson has brought me to where I am today. I started off as a photographer in 2007. I ate, breathed, and slept all things photography. I studied photography at the Birmingham School of Photography. My primary driving force was to deliver images to clients that represented them in the best way. By delivering a quality image that showed who they are as a person. While doing photography I picked up design. I started designing client holiday cards and announcements. In addition I designed client albums. The same lesson applied, to provide quality photographic products that clients can have as keep sakes and to provide announcements and cards that tastefully represented my clients.

 I have an IT background so teaching myself the use of Adobe products was fun for me. Creating my own websites and friends websites was a hobby. This joy and hobby lead me to further my knowledge in web and graphic design. I completed Online certificates form Auburn University in both web design and graphic design. With this knowledge I began Tiffanie Page Creative. A boutique creative agency geared to help businesses make a profound first impression on clients and returning clients. It is my ultimate goal to be a blessing to others by helping entrepreneurs and small business owners to present their business  in a positive light.

I possess a bachelor of science degree in Management information systems from Auburn University  and a  Masters degree in Public Administration. I have worked for 20 years in the IT field and 12 years as a creative.